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Red Rock Candle and Gift

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Display of candles at Red Rock Candle & Gift

Red candles from Red Rock Candle & Gift in Sedona

Red Rock Candle & Gift storefront

While strolling through Tlaquepaque your nose will come upon wonderful scents emitting from a small corner in Plaza de Fuente (Plaza of the Fountain.) This is where you will find a tiny but mighty gift shop, Red Rock Candle & Gift.

This boutique gift shop carries premium quality candles in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. Here you can find hand-painted candles, hand-dipped candles, hand-poured candles, hand-crafted candles and probably candles shaped like a hand. You will find elegant candles, rustic candles and everyday candles. You will find unscented candles and candles that are richly aromatic. You will find candles made of different waxes such as soy, palm, beeswax, and the highest quality paraffin. The newest addition to their candle family is the “Original Red Rock Gel Candle,” which is made by the owners themselves. In addition, Red Rock Candle & Gift carries unique candle accessories and holders, from your basic votive candle holder to elaborate candelabras.

Bath and body products are also available here. There is a nice variety of products from which to choose. If it is just a bar of soap you need, they carry an all natural soap and shampoo bar made in Sedona. If you are looking for full lines, you will find their signature “Scent of Sedona” products for the ladies; as well as the Desert Queen line. For the men, the full Jack Black product line is available.

They also carry a vast array of wonderfully unique gifts, many made by local artists. You can find saguaro cactus rib crosses, garden windbells, hand-woven beaded jewelry, southwestern oil lamps, one-of-a-kind “Heaven Scent” Angels, journals, decorative boxes, and even some beautiful wildlife paintings and prints.

Red Rock Candle & Gift is the only shop where you can find concrete Javelinas, suitable for garden art. Local sculptor, Barbara Brown, who created the original “Javelinas on Parade” sculpture, also created these “cute” characters. In 2006, then Gov. Janet Napolitano designated Sedona’s “Javelinas On Parade” an Arizona treasure.

Souvenirs made from the red rock are plentiful here. The diverse selection includes flame rocks, rock sculptures, sandstone diffusers, picture frames, nightlights, t-light holders, coasters, clocks, sage pots and so much more. All of the rock products are made from Arizona rock.

Weddings in the Tlaquepaque Chapel are enhanced with Lynn Kramer’s beautiful candle arrangements. Large to small, she takes personal pride in assuring just the right setting for that special day. Red Rock Candle & Gift offers rentals of rustic candlesticks and candelabras that create the perfect ambiance for any ceremony.

Red Rock Candle & Gift prides itself on being goodwill ambassadors for Sedona. Once you enter through the door you will be greeted warmly with a smile. Many regular customers will attest to the fact that we will go out of our way to try and accommodate any special requests.

When visiting Sedona or strolling the cobblestone walkways of Tlaquepaque, stop in and visit our little corner of the world. Remember, sniffs are free!