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Sedona is known the world over as a Spiritual Power Center. The magnetizing quality of the land has become a powerful factor in making Sedona the spiritual Mecca it has become today.

The allure of this enchanted desert has attracted generations of Native Americans, as well as Alternative Healers and Mystics who have come to discover her secrets.

Traditional or progressive in spiritual philosophy, a common chord of shared experience seems to unite those who have sensed the energy that emanates from the very earth, amplifying a deep sense of awe, reverence and spiritual awareness.

Whether it is a phenomenon that is real or a heightened sensitivity brought about by the sheer beauty and magnificence of nature, Sedona’s “earth wisdom” provides a rich foundation for many of the nurturing mind, body and alternative healing practices that flourish here today.

You’ll find Reiki masters, massage therapists, meditation and yoga classes. You can have an astrology reading, aura or psychic reading to illuminate your future. Balance your chakras, energy body or have a sacral cranial adjustment while you’re in town. You’ll also find a myriad of New Age stores, as well as classes, retreats and workshops to attend.

If you prefer more traditional religious practices, you won’t want to miss the “Chapel of the Holy Cross” or the Amitayba Stupa.

In Sedona there is a spiritual practice suitable for everyone, especially if your idea of spirituality is communing with nature. Sedona is the perfect place to commune! Sample the diversity of Sedona’s spiritual side by clicking on the buttons to the right.

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