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Sedona Overview
Sedona Overview

Sedona sunset

Sedona truly is a natural wonder, drawing nearly 4 millions visitors annually. It is the most sought after destination in Arizona, second only to the Grand Canyon in popularity. At 4,500 feet in elevation, Sedona’s ideal high desert climate boasts of four mild seasons:

In the spring, days are pleasantly warm and evenings may be chilly. Night time temperatures typically drop 30 degrees below the peak of the day. Summer is characterized by hot days and perfect evenings. Fall is the prime season with clear blue skys, warm days and comfortable evenings. Towards the end of fall, when leaves turn color, Oak Creek canyon comes alive with brilliant hues. Sedona’s mild winter lasts about 2 months. Occasionally a snow fall may dust the red rocks, creating a contrast for outstanding photo opportunities.

To get the most out of your stay, it’s important for you to know the town’s layout. View the “Video Tour of Sedona” for a brief guide. Then explore our site more to learn more about each of Sedona’s five distinct areas plus the Verde Valley and Jerome.