Video Guide to Sedona, Arizona

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Tips for using SEDONA.TV

This web site contains many videos about Sedona, Arizona and surrounding areas. Videos range from 15 seconds to over 3 minutes each in length. Here are a few tips for viewing them: arrowPlease be aware that videos may take a moment to load. We recommend a high speed internet connection for the best viewing experience. If you do not have a high speed connection, please allow 1 to 5 minutes for the video to load completely before pressing the play button. arrowIf a video stutters or gets stuck, press the pause button and wait for it to finish downloading. Then press play again to restart it smoothly. arrowFlash Player is required to view the videos. Download the free Flash Player here. arrowInternet Explorer 6.0 (or newer) may ask you to click "Allow Blocked Content" in order to watch the videos. Be assured that all pages and videos on this site are safe for viewing and will not corrupt your computer. arrowYou may experience some display issues when browsing the site using Microsoft Internet Explorer. This site looks best when viewed in Mozilla's Firefox browser for Mac or PC which is available for free here.

If you experience problems while viewing the videos, or have any questions about how to use this site, please contact us at

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