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In May 2007, an article in the Wall Street Journal’s “Weekend Journal” said it all:

The wine industry in Northern Arizona centers around Sedona, a high-altitude area with dramatic temperature swings and rich volcanic soils... To our surprise, Arizona wines topped nearly every category in our tasting, beating even the California ringers...

The article continues on highlighting our Pandora’s Box of vintners - some easy to find, others nestled on the banks of Oak Creek, still others tucked away down long dirt roads on acres of land said to border Senator John McCain’s property. Even the lead singer of rock band Tool, Maynard James Keenan, has settled down in the outskirts of Sedona to harvest grapes offering wines that are selling out before the season has even begun.

Sedona and its surrounding landscape are putting out wines and wineries that are beating out Napa Valley’s giants, putting Sedona wineries on the map.

Take a guided tour of the wine country or hop in the car and meander down some hidden roads to your own grape-filled ventures. Either way, you're sure to discover home-town friendliness, proud vintners who will happily pour you a glass of their finest vinos, and spectacular scenery to enjoy while you sniff, sip, and swirl!

Enjoy Fine Wine in Sedona and the Verde Valley
Click on the offerings below to view videos and discover why Sedona is rapidly becoming known for its superb wines:
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Local Arizona wines served in historic Jerome

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Tasting Room & Osteria in Old Town