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Advertising on SEDONA.TV & Red Rock TV

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Advertising on SEDONA.TV and RED ROCK TV

RED ROCK TV is a 90 minute visitor information program presenting the finest choices of what to see & do in Sedona.

Today more overnight visitors will be guided by RED ROCK TV than any other form of visitor targeted media. Many of our advertisers have been with us since our origination in 1998, and continue to renew with us year after year.


Viewership & Ad Frequency: Your commercial will air 16 times a day, 480 times per month, in nearly 2,800 lodging rooms as well as in over 5,000 homes.

Your Own Page & Video on SEDONA.TV: Also available is a page on SEDONA.TV with information about your business, images, web links and your commercial as on online video for the world to see!

Free Channel 16 Visitor Information Maps: Over 100,000 maps are handed out annually by the front desk and concierge at most lodging facilities in town. Emblazoned with our logo and information, they remind visitors to watch Channel 16 before exploring Sedona.


Call our sales executive, Randy Rieger, for a free, no-obligation consultation and find out how RED ROCK TV can benefit your business!

Contact: Randy Rieger
Office: 928.204.1443