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Verde Canyon Railroad

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Verde Canyon
Blue train on the Verde Canyon Railroad
Verde Canyon Railroad
Verde Canyon Railroad with red rock scenery

Located just 25 miles from Sedona this soft-adventure attraction is the perfect addition to your Sedona vacation. Asphalt, concrete and tension drift away as you slip into an unspoiled world where serenity and stimulation miraculously coincide. Running from Clarkdale to Perkinsville, the Verde Canyon Railroad is a stress-free wilderness adventure…at 12 mph.

As the gentle iron giants wind their way through one of Arizona’s treasures, being onboard makes your senses come alive. You hear the wheels echo off the canyon walls, feel the gentle wind kiss your cheek, taste Arizona’s special blend of fresh air, or spy a majestic Bald Eagle effortlessly floating on a breeze calling for its mate. But the sense most energized is that of adventure…railroad style.

The train passes towering crimson pinnacles; near ancient Indian ruins; over fortified trestles; past a monocline fault and through a manmade 680-foot tunnel on a four hour rail journey from the old mining town of Clarkdale to the Perkinsville ghost ranch and back.