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Sedona Music Boxes

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Sedona Music Boxes
336 Highway 179
Sedona, AZ 86336

Music box with a picture of Cathedral Rock

Piano music box

Miniature guitar

Welcome to Sedona Music Boxes, the enchanting art of mechanical movement. The gift of music is always appreciated by many people and for different occasions. We offer a large selection of Italian Wood Inlay Music boxes and songs to choose from. Whether the box is plain or has a single rose, a ballerina, butterflies, or a teddy bear, they have the finest movement an are truly a delight for the eyes and ears. The tunes include Music of the Night, All I Ask of You, Fur Elise, Cannon, Phantom, and others.

We also carry beautifully detailed Inspirational Music Boxes made with real wood that includes a sculpted plaque of praying hands. Inside is a disk symphonium that plays interchangeable disks. As you walk around the store you will see a sewing machine that plays "Buttons and Bows," a telephone that sings "I Just Called to Say I Love You," or camera that plays "Yesterday." There is a also a World Fair Circus where spotlights highlight the action of animated acrobats, galloping horses and trained lions. The music plays 15 Christmas carols and 15 all time classics.

Everything twinkles in the store, including Memory Boxes by Melody that combine photography and craftsmanship to create unique products that are ideal as a gift or collectable. The many stunning images of Sedona, voted the most beautiful canyon city in the U.S., include the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the picturesque village of Tlaquepaque, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock.

We also have a line of whimsical novelty boxes, shadow boxes, tins, dolls and miniature instruments...all musical! Come to our store and let us dance you around. We're upstairs in Tlaquepaque. Call us at 928.203.4116.