Greg Lawson Galleries

Greg Lawson Galleries
Passion for Place

2679 West State Route 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336


Photo of cheetah in Africa by Greg Lawson Photo of Bavarian castle by Greg Lawson Photo of lightning in Sedona by Greg Lawson

Greg Lawson Galleries in Sedona is one of America's top locations to enjoy and acquire collectible photographic decor for your home or business environment. The West Sedona location is a "must-see" for lovers of the earth, its wildlife, and its natural elements.

Featuring one of the largest privately held photographic collections of the world, visitors are able to sense the 'tip of the iceberg' as far as Lawson's worldwide portfolio is concerned, and can consider over 1200 unique images originating in several still-camera formats.

The gallery is located in a peaceful courtyard setting in West Sedona where visitors can enjoy a serene sanctuary experience while shopping for wildlife, landscapes and place-oriented photographic art.

Greg Lawson's work depicting our world is noted for inviting viewers into the image as if they are with him on location. The Sedona collections depicting Lawson's 'passion for place' have been created throughout 50 years as a photographic artist.

Private one-on-one instruction and consultation with Greg is available on a limited basis.

One visitor sent this thoughtful message: "We are so glad we found you. If we would have missed this gallery, we would have failed to see the best of Sedona."