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A Breathtaking Journey Through Spectacular Red Rock Country

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Aerial Sedona Blu-ray A dramatic new film capturing the wonders of Sedona from the skies, “Aerial Sedona: A Breathtaking Journey” showcases stunning footage of Sedona and surrounding areas captured during 19 helicopter flights by Arizona Helicopter Adventures and Creative Video Productions, producers of Red Rock TV16. Sedona musical icon Robin Miller’s music provides the ethereal backdrop. John Conway, “the voice of Sedona,” narrates, relating Sedona’s history from its earliest known Native American inhabitants to the present day. Footage was garnered over several months providing a diverse array of seasonal highlights including a rare and magical snowfall blanketing the red rocks.

Because it takes viewers places they can only reach from the sky, “Aerial Sedona” holds great appeal to those who've lived here for years, and for those who just come to visit for a few days and want to take some of the magic home. In forty-six minutes, the film gives an engaging overview of the town’s evolution, showcases its popular music, and captures the visual splendor of the different seasons.

“Every day, customers step out of our helicopters saying they wish there was a way to capture the magic of what they’d just seen from the sky because still shots and cell phone videos don’t come close to doing it justice,” says Arizona Helicopter Adventures pilot Floyd Ingram. “This film comes as close as anything can to reproducing the unique experience of an aerial tour of Sedona combining the key points of interest from several different tours.”

“We’ve lived here over 25 years, and it is unbelievable how different and dramatic the perspective is when you see the rock formations, wilderness canyons and ancient ruins at such close range from the sky,” says filmmaker Richard Ruehs. Nearly 600 people attended the premiere showing of the film at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre in Sedona and the general consensus was that it’s like seeing the phenomenal beauty of Sedona for the first time all over again. Many viewers were turned to tears as the heartbeat of the music and flow of the aerial beauty created emotional sensations.

Aerial Sedona covers:

  • • Red Rock Geology
  • • Pioneer Settlers
  • • Town Evolution & Layout
  • • Wine Country
  • • Wilderness Canyons
  • • Ancient Ruin Sites & History
  • • Names of Rock Formations
  • • Oak Creek Canyon
  • • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • • Vortexes & More

“Aerial Sedona” is available for purchase in a 2-disc combo pack that includes a Standard DVD and a Blu-ray disc. Click here to order your copy online now!


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