Vino Zona

336 SR 179
Sedona, AZ

Vino Sedona

Vino Zona is a cozy space dedicated to enjoying amazing Arizona wine.

Arizona is home to the perfect climate, elevation and weather to produce the very best grapes and every wine we serve is 100% Arizona grown and made! We hand pick the very best of what Arizona has to offer, to offer you an awesome Arizona tasting experience that fits to your palate. You can also try wines that are exclusive to Vino Zona, as we search for small batch out the way Arizona wineries. Some as small as one one or two barrels made for a handcrafted and exclusive experience.

Located in Tlaquepaque - Arts and Crafts village in Sedona, Vino Zona is the perfect place to try Arizona wine and soak in the charm of Tlaquepaque. We are wine geeks and live in the area and we can offer as little or as much info as you would like.

Whatever your taste in wine, we will meet you where you are. We offer a curated tasting menu of the best award winning dry Arizona reds and whites along with the best sweet wines Arizona has to offer. We have also included a delicious Arizona cider and an award winning Arizona mead plus a few other fun Arizona wines. Our menu will also change often, so you can come back and try new things.

Come learn about Arizona wine from wine professionals in a down to earth relaxed tasting room vibe!

Exterior of Vino Zona at Tlaquepaque in Sedona
Woman tasting wine at Vino Zona in Sedona