Video Guide to Sedona

Presenting “The Rocks” – Sedona’s first TV series!

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Dancer, ALEXIS LITTLE, Native American Indian, ALEE NEZ, soul retriever RAVEN MADONNA, spoiled heiress LORINDA DAWKINS, handsome pilot ZACHARY STONE, and young conspiracy theorist WEBBER O'DONNELL, all, despite their vast social and economic differences have several things in common: They live in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Sedona, Arizona, and they're all embroiled in one of the biggest events to happen on Earth since the ice age. As ALIENS secretly invade Sedona, the drama of life, love, and intrigue intensifies in this arty little town.

Unlucky in love, Lorinda searches for what’s missing in her life – which turns out to be her very soul; a search that takes her into other physical realms and makes her face an unforgiveable past. And when she finally finds love, handsome JOHN BECK turns out to be a secret agent on the hunt for Sedona's non humans, all who are attracted to an enigmatic source of power found only in Sedona...

Alexis, the down on her luck ex-Vegas dancer, mysteriously becomes top in time share sales to an odd group of people. Her new found wealth skyrockets her into the upper stratum of Sedona Society – with all its grandeur and dirty little secrets. And, she will soon discover that she is the key to saving Sedona and, ultimately, the world.

Navajo native Alee walks the line between the white and Dine worlds and travels deep into Red Rock Country to solve an ancient mystery: are the alien invaders really descendents of the lost Anasazi Indians? And if so, why are they returning now? Do they carry a message of hope or one of impending danger? And is his GRANDFATHER truly dead or is he just passing through the realms as a time traveler?

Raven Madonna, an enigmatic and crafty retriever of lost souls, is yanked back into the world of empathy when she discovers that her clients are increasingly losing their souls. But they aren't trading them to the devil in exchange for love, fame, or fortune; they’re losing them to alien tourists who get high on human experience.

Zachary, ex-fighter pilot, seeks to bury his guilt and shadowy past in the love of a good woman. Only the woman, sexy and manipulative JOSIE LORDES, is not so good and secretly plots to destroy Zachary's boss, the rich Lorinda. And, although his dark past haunts him, it's his covert operations expertise that comes to Sedona's aid.

Webber, a budding heart breaking geek-savant, is savvy beyond his teen years and speaks fluent 'computer'. He puts together his "geek brigade" – a collection of teens who vow to save the world despite their tight curfews. It's Webber who pains the aliens the most and it’s his brain that they desire the most...

As these characters along with TANYA the alien misfit who thinks she's a country singer, ANDON the Breathairian who eats only air, SHARON, the sharp tongued physic, MARCO the wise time share salesman, FAIRY ELEMENTALS who dwell inside Bell Rock, and ageless watcher JESUS AMARO lives interweave, so will their ability to thwart the impending alien invasion. But first, they must learn to trust one another...