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in The Collective Sedona,
7000 State Route 179, Suite D200-2
Sedona, AZ 86351

Sedona Infinity Spa

Experience the remarkable healing benefits of halotherapy at Sedona Infinity Spa, featuring the only salt room in Sedona with an aerosol salt generator! Halotherapy is a safe, effective wellness practice that’s great for the skin and the respiratory system.

Soak in the regenerative power of red light in our red light therapy room.

From meditation to halo crystal bowl sound therapy, massage, aromatherapy, and more, Sedona Infinity Spa has it all. With a wonderful, relaxing vibe the moment you walk in, it’s truly a magical and unique experience! Book your appointment today!

Red Light Therapy at Sedona Infinity Spa
Facials at Sedona Infinity Spa
Aerosol salt generator at Sedona Infinity Spa
Exterior of Sedona Infinity Spa at The Collective Sedona