3190 W. SR 89A
Sedona, AZ

Patrick Flanagan Library

Out of the generous and philanthropic hearts of Patrick and his partner, Stephanie, the personal library of Patrick Flanagan is being shared with the community of Sedona and beyond. The collection provides a peek into the mind of a genius and gives one the breadth of subject matter which relates to his research and inventions.

From chemistry, math, physics and electronics to Eastern and Western spiritual teachings and philosophies, all can be found in the collection. From Egypt and the pyramids to Tesla and alternative energies, food, diet, supplements and alternative health treatments, you will find it at the Patrick Flanagan Library. Did you ever dream of building a UFO? You just may find the book to show you how!

What does a genius read for fun? Novels, and lots of them! Spy, espionage, conspiracy and a few romances for good measure all can be found amidst the shelves.

The Patrick Flanagan Library is an offering to the community of Sedona and beyond. It is free to anyone who has a desire and thirst for knowledge. You will not be asked for membership dues or subscription fees; but you will be asked to have an open mind, to think outside the box, and to open your heart to new possibilities and ways of thinking and being. The world is just now catching up to the mind of Patrick Flanagan and who knows what you may find hidden in the stacks that will inspire you and open your world to unknown possibilities.

The Patrick Flanagan Library is conveniently located at 3190 West State Route Highway 89A, Suite 500, in beautiful Sedona, AZ. We look forward to your visit!