561 SR 179
Sedona, AZ

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

Upon entering the largest fine art gallery in Arizona, you will be amazed by the impact and artistic wonders, with some works of art available nowhere else on earth. Exposures International features bronze, glass and stone sculpture, original oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings, jewelry, wall art and prints by some of the finest internationally known, living artists. An entire section of Exposures International is devoted to the sculpture of Bill Worrell. Inspired by ancient pictographs dating back to 13,000 B.C., Worrell’s sculpture, paintings and poetry writings are among the most widely collected in the Southwest. Exposures International also specializes in fine art photographic wall murals by Martii with prints displayed as large as 12 feet in length.

Explore Exposures’ 20,000 square feet of art display further and you will discover a unique sculpture garden with the largest display of monumental bronze sculpture, fountains, kinetic art and a very unique collection of life-size (and larger!) sculptures. Exposures Gallery has art for every budget, creating the unexpected while catering to the fine art collector.

For more information about Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, visit ExposuresFineArt.com!