Elevated Sedona Wine Tours

Elevated Sedona Wine Tours is a family-owned luxury tour company that specializes in creating custom ,full service ,all inclusive experiences, bringing you to the best wineries, and breweries, plus top attractions in Sedona and the surrounding area.

All of our tours are private-only, which means you get to select where you want to taste, what you want to see, and who attends with you. You’ll have the a wonderful experience , with all of the tedious details like transport are taken care of. Your time exploring Sedona should be remarkable, so we’ve made elevating your experience our goal. Our tours are led by knowledgable guides and are tailored to you and your groups every need, making our tours the best winery tours in Sedona.

Elevated Sedona at Alcantara Vineyards
Wine tasting with Elevated Sedona
Guests being pampered by JB on an Elevated Sedona wine tour