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If you're looking into psychic readings, head to Sedona Chakra Shoppe in Sedona, AZ. We have a specialized and experienced psychic who provides chakra healing, jewelry products, essential oils and more. If you'd like us to read your aura, then ask about our aura photography service. If you're having a difficult time in your life and need some guidance, head to our Chakra shop for some profound healing.

Our psychic medium involves trust and openness in their services. Our approach to this medium is a combination of compassion, devotion and understanding. Whatever trouble you're experiencing, our clairvoyant medium would like to work with you to understand you better. Our shop also has essential oils, crystals, metaphysical books and a chair massage with hot rocks. If you're interested in our reiki session or chakra balancing for healing and energy shift, ask us about these treatments today.

Sedona Chakra Shoppe in Sedona, AZ provides psychic readings, aura photography and more. Allow us to introduce you to a place of healing and trust. We're happy to restore the flow of life energy in your body and enhance your well-being. Call us for additional details or if you're new to this newfound way of healing for you.

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