Sedona UFO Tours

Sedona UFO Tours

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Night-vision goggles UFO sightings over Sedona Anita Owens

Your Sedona UFO and Vortex tour guide is Anita Owens. Anita operates the largest UFO tour company in the United States with six Military 3rd Generation night vision goggles.

The group is always limited to 10 people which ensures that 2 people per goggle giving you plenty of time to be on the goggle so the 2 of you will experience the UFO at the time it is spotted by Anita.

If the group is under 10 then you may have a goggle all to your self for the 1 hour tour. Once the first group is sold out then a second tour will be available to reserve your space.

The UFO tour is simply the BEST SEDONA EXPERIENCE!

Not only will you see unexplained activity in the night sky such as flying objects changing direction and headed straight down toward the mountains.

The UFO’s will change size, brightness, they can instantly reduce their size to the point you can barely see them. Most of the time they simply come to a stop and simply disappear…see videos of them on this page where they disappear.

Suddenly at times they are a huge bright object the will just appear over us. Every night is different but will simply amaze you!!

You will Believe!